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Feb 8, 2010
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Apr 18, 2013
    1. kicknik
      Hey bgill ive been reading up threads on ADW because im a 16 year old trying to learn how to create themes, i think i have the enviroment all set up but keep getting R cannot be resolved and issues with @override. Let me know if you can help me through Gchat or something. Thanks
    2. Deciple
      Hey bgill, I'm having trouble changing my font color, and noticed in one of your posts that you have found a simplified way to do things....was wondering if you'd share what you know with me?
    3. skennelly
      Do I need to have a special theme to install the black bar mod, or can it just be installed with stock rom/launcher pro?
    4. sqldroidx
      Great work:). Is there anyway I could get a transparent lock screen for the Incognito Blue OG theme? I switched to that one from the current release and everything just works great in that one for me but missing the transparent lock screen. Whether you do or not thanks for the work you have done this far and I will be donating later on in the week as time allows.
    5. erisboxx
      Can i join Beta Testers Group for kaos froyo?
    6. RazorbackFan
      Bgill55, Great themes bro! Can you please check the updated Incognito Orange link? Tried to use it on Thursday or Fri and it was a broken link; I am going to install as soon as the link is good. Thanks again.
    7. flcastillo1975
      dude... i still have your battery ... where is mine ... lmao ... where did you run off to sat... loved your theme on your phone ... i need hooked up with something like that here in texas ...
    8. dominus
      love your stuff man thanks for all your hard work.
      i run your ivertnito on all my roms just waiting for you to port it to shadowrom 2.0 now
    9. samuraixzodus
      Hi Bgill55,
      Love your work with Sapphire. Question for you...? I use Ruby 1.1.1 on my Droid Inc. I am currently using the evolution 1.0 for Sapphire Theme. Is there a newer manup456 theme for the Sapphire? So I can theme to my Ruby... if not have you considered porting A Evoltion/Incredible Revolution Theme over to Sapphire/Ruby? Either way I am very happy with the evolution theme and want to thank you for your wonderful work!
    10. jennferg
      Hello, I have a question about your themes in ROM Manager. Your themes can be pair with what ROMs?
    11. bhughesiii
      Hey bgill55 how's it going?

      I have a theming question and I hope your able to point me in the right direction, if not no biggie. Here is a link so you can see what I am talking about:

      If you look at the setCPU widget, on the stock example you can read everything. In the eXtreme Orange example the tempurature readings are cut off. I cannot figure out for the life of me which background image, if any, the widget is using. Can you please give me some idea of what image and where I should be looking?

      Bill Hughes
    12. phillyboydroid
      Hi bgill55...I have sent you a couple messages in the forum but figured this would be easier..I'm inquiring about the galaxy s theme for sapphire, requesting the blue status bar..I have found a couple images and it seems that the bar is not actually blue but is a soft gray, which would still be nice. wondering if any changes would be possible like modifying the status bar. I have the imges saved to my computer, cant figure out how to insert a image to this message so if you can help at all please email me at and i can send you the images thank you
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