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Dec 16, 2009
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Oct 15, 2011
    1. TheVietnameeGuy
      I was wondering, in your "Theme #1: REVOlution by Manup456" what is the weather widget you are using and for the LP theme, do I have to be rooted to use it? I have the LP Plus btw.
    2. hlt123
      Thanks for your work on the BuglessEvolution theme. DO you think you'll be updating the Pandora, Score Center and FB apps?
    3. denial1385
      Very cool! I got a Nextang CM6 Final but would obviously wish to be on an updated CM release. Sucks that not too many other roms allow custom led notifications in settings like cm or shadow...that's the only con to lithmod...waiting patiently for the port (< _ >)
    4. manool
      Can you reply to my PM ?
    5. denial1385
      hey did you ever end up porting that nextang theme that was in a BB thread? i've been looking everywhere for a feasible working one that i can flash over cm or SHADOW. thanks in advance!
    6. digdev
      thanks!!! I'll give that a go....
    7. digdev
      Hey Benny...I love the Evolution theme you did....I'm just coming over from iPhone4 to a Droid X, I'm fairly technical and have managed to root my x...I ran across your theme and would really like to get it...will it even work on an X? thanks!!
    8. ilovechi23
      Hey benny is there a way for you to do like a evolution miui theme??
    9. kwattro
      H hey whats up man?
      I was wondering since the release of UD 100, have you considered porting the Gala theme? its freakin sick man I love that theme.
    10. fernplant
      Hey Benny, great work on the BuglessEvolution theme! I was just wondering when can we expect the alternate battery for v8?
    11. mrblackhp
      hey benny, Could you send me or post themed smooth calendars and weather forcast apps?
    12. chongo2515
      forget my last message, i removed the batter for a few seconds and it rebooted to stock cm6 and i would like to reinstall cm6 revolution but i can't get into a nandroid recovery and i usually use rom manager and choose the install from sd option, any suggestions?
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