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Dec 29, 2009
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Aug 26, 2011
    1. BamaFan13
      Hey I tried the bama lwp u posted and it just sticks me on the Motorola icon every time...I'm applyin it as an update zip and I tried it on both recoveries...any help would be appreciated
    2. GeneRs
      Hi...I am wondering if I send you three images and desired Nexus colors if you will make three different LWP. I am a huge spiderman fan and would like 2 different Spiderman LWPs ( one for my red theme and one for my blue ) and a Green Goblin LWP for my green theme. I've tried making them myself but am not familiar enuff with paint shop to get the pngs the right size.I get the size right but the file size is always wrong. I appoligize if I sound greedy and would be happy to "Donate" something for your time. ( Though I'm not sure what you feel would be fair ). If you are game to help me, send me a PM. Thanx
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