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May 17, 2010
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Jul 14, 2011
    1. leutbneot
      Just saw your setup in the "Screenshots of LFY in Action" forum, and I really like a lot of what you've done. Since my original Droid 1's USB port died (bummer... literally the ONLY thing that can render a Droid 1 unusable), I haven't rooted the replacement they sent me yet because FRG22D is a pain in the ass and I haven't had time yet... so I have to ask, are those strips of applications (like on the second image, towards the bottom, with Google Earth, Maps, GTalk, etc) part of LFY? Liquid widget? They look both awesome and useful.

      I'm going to try that new one-click FRG22D root program I saw on here tonight and see if it works. I spent 3 hours last week going through the no-RSD rooting process and ended up with the Superuser program but no SU and no root, argh. I have no idea why and everything that everyone has told me to try has failed. Time to wipe everything and start clean. Hope to have something as cool as what you've got going on. Good stuff.
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