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Mar 14, 2011
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Mar 15, 2011
      Don't take this as rude but before u post any and every question u have look over the forum as I'm 100% sure its been asked before fyi I read 2hrs a day for a week before we got ours xs then read even more after we got em we now only use our nice big home computers when we get to work from home other then that it's droid x all day every day I have an app for almost everything possible lol movies tv radio....biggest tip I wish I read before it all started u can have almost as many apps as u want but download them one at a time to make sure ur ok with how they affect ur x (kill battery or mess other parts of the phone) & NO TASK KILLERS the android operating sys is made to have stuff runing in the back ground doesn't mean there using resources by using a task killer ur actually making the phone work harder...oh yeah don't bother asking verizon for help they have no clue and will tell u to get a task killer but DO NOT
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