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Jan 13, 2013
    1. Se7enLC
      > Sprecovery has the nandroid back up on it? Its like function of sprecovery?

      Yes, that's correct. One of the menus in SPRecovery is "backup/restore" which will perform nandroid backup/restore.

      > And after I put sprecovery can I back up my stock droid before I root? And flash back when
      > needed?

      Yes, exactly. You used to have to root before you could install SPRecovery, so the first order of business after rooting was to install SPRecovery and perform a backup. Now, since you can install SPRecovery directly through RSDLite, you can actually back-up BEFORE rooting.
    2. Alex K.
      Alex K.
      just make sure that you read and read. The process will be straightforward, but if you unplug your phone or your computer shuts off, there will be some problems. Just be safe, like sex ed.
    3. adtrx2012
      well ill hit u up again later when i get everything cleared up and ready.

      again, thanks alot man.
    4. JCo352
      You can overclock after putting an overclock kernel on your phone with the stock looking rom from pete, but with Jrummy's the overclock kernel is included. No not all apps will be free, I think thats how it is with a jailbroken iphone though, but not with the Droid. After you flash sprecovery, you are goind to want to perform a advanced nandroid back up
    5. JCo352
      Oops I sent you a reply but I put it in the wrong place look at my profile and look at my visitor messages.
    6. JCo352
      The custom roms give you more options, and looks alot better than stock. I forgot to mention overclocking, it makes your droid alot faster too.
    7. JCo352
      The benefit's are installing custom roms, having super user access, wifi tethering to name a few. Yes you can root 2.1, you will have to flash the sprecovery sbf with RSD Lite, then just load a custom rom and you will be rooted. To unroot and go back to stock, you will have to flash the 2.0.1 sbf with RSD Lite, that will put you back to 2.0.1, but from there you can just accept the OTA 2.1 update.
    8. forkup
      It's an app on the market that backs up apps AND their data. It's the bomb.
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