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Feb 14, 2012
    1. roketteere
      Hey AdamZ I was wondering if you maybe knew of a kitchen for the Droid or DX or D2. I am trying to build some ROMs for these devices that include some files that enable Data for MetroPCS. I can fully flash the Droids NP but I rather have roms that have everything included. I already did them for the Hero and Evo thanks to a few peops in XDA. Thanks for any help. :D
    2. RobStemen
      Good to have you back, buddy. I think I speak for all/alot of us when I say we've missed your ROMs. I'm actually trying going back to SG 6.0.1 as opposed to BB 1.1, because I remember it was so stable. Thanks for all you do and welcome back!
    3. Shelooga
      10. clearly im worried i spent all this time over the weekend rooting and tweaking my phone to the smallest detail and really dont want to lose anything but just get the extra updates that the 2.1 update will bring (enhanced sound, possible flash player, for my phone to say firmware version ese81...even though i dont know what that means, and well i guess thats all)without losing anything from smoked glass etc, am i a retart for thinking ill be able to get my cake and eat it too?
    4. Shelooga
      5. will i still be able to overclock the processor if i do revert back to stock and do the update? im guessing no. and since i have my custom colors and fonts and processor speeds and screens and live wallpapers, should i even bother doing the update?
      6. can i ignore the update?
      7. im very impatient; i dont feel like waiting for a new rom to be put up for ese81, and im not smart enough to create my own, but if i am forced to wait, anyone have an eta that a new rom (comparable to the ballin-ness of smoked glass) might be up?
      8. how great can this update be since i have almost all the new features included already?
      9. why doesnt google goggles work well? in fact, why does it suck so hard?
    5. Shelooga
      hey adam i was told i need to direct these dumb questions to you. im pretty new at all of this stuff. big fan of smoked glass tho

      Ok so the rumors are flying and the update is coming. doesnt suprise me since i got impatient and rooted my phone friday. so i have a few questions hopefully someone smarter than me can answer: (running smoked glass)

      1. why cant i d/l the update for google maps or uninstall the app?
      2. if the update comes, and im going to be prompted every 30 minutes about it, will it screw with my rooted phone/ will i need to unroot the phone?
      3. if i need to unroot the phone, how do i?
      4. will flash player be included with the update? i see no mention of additional screens which is a big reason i rooted (in addition to the overclocking) so those two features are big to me
    6. qoncept
      I have some web hosting available that I ended up not really using. I'd be willing to host your roms so you don't need to keep using the free sites if you're interested. I appreciate all your work and want to give back if I can. PM me if you'd like.

    7. bander143
      Adam or any one. Is smoked glass available for download now? If so where/how? It looked great and will solve a few issues I have.
    8. microsnook
      Hey, I just had a suggestion for your smoked glass theme...
      Im running BBv1.0 and your smoked glass theme w/ the blue. Before I flashed your theme, it was obviously bugless beast theme on there, and when I got calls, I noticed that the "drag to answer" button was different. It was smaller and looked much better than OEM.
      I really love your blue smoked glass and dont want to stop using it.
      I was wondering if you could use the same design Pete uses, just in blue :)

      This would be really awesome,
      Please let me know
      and thanks for such a great theme.
    9. GeneRs
      Hi again... Just a quick question. I see that you updated the Smoked Glass ROM so that the 2.1 launcher has the Glass theme. I love the 2.1 Launcher but like the look of the 2.0.1 drawer ( That see-thru look is so cool ) Is it possible to make the background slightly transparent when using the 2.1 launcher? I think that would Kick ass and allow us to have the two user keys at the bottom. Sorry to bother you. I appreciate your time.
    10. GeneRs
      Hi... I just slipped you a little something from PayPal. ( Don't tell my wife :icon_eek: ) It's not much. I WISH I could do more. Just wanted to say Thank You for the obvious hard work you put into the Smoked Glass ROM. I've tried all of the others including Sholes and Bugless Beast. And Glass is, by far, my favorite. Smooth...Fast...and BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had the talent you have. If you ever get the urge to try another ROM, a RED version of Glass would ROCK! Until then, I'm gonna enjoy your latest masterpiece. Thank You again.
    11. hunter9604
      Hi, AdamZ, I just signed up to this awesome forum, and have found your Themed Smoke post, and I have a question for you.
      I have gone all the way down to the restore point, for the boot and system area, and when I choose the backup file to restore, I don't find any of the files that I've downloaded for this theme, is there any way that you can help me on this one, I'm so close, I can smell it!!
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