Warped Metal

blue metal mesh warped grill
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blue metal mesh warped grill
  1. horstndebra
    I'm confused. I see that a handful of people have asked how to get these awesome wallpapers, but I don't see any responses. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'dlove a few of these for my Droid.
  2. xsylus
    Just right-click the wallpapers and click Save Picture As, then save it to your desktop and transfer to your Droid's SD card.

    On the Droid, navigate to the wallpaper you want, tap and hold the image until the popup appears and then click Save Image. Then go to the apps menu on your Droid and select Gallery, find the wallpaper; tap it and up at the top select Set As; then select Wallpaper in the popup.