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What is the best way to write an...
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The Simple Essay Format – The Writing Services

What is the best way to write an essay? Which format or structure should I use in write my paper? These are some of the frequently asked questions at Customized Essay Services. Our skilled writing team knows the complexities one faces while crafting the essay and they sure want you to learn the easiest and basic approach. Essay writing is made up of three distinct parts. Let’s discuss them briefly.
i. Introduction
In this section, the student should be able to answer the questions – “what am I talking about in this paper?”, “how am I going to talk about it?”, “what is my statement or what am I trying to prove or point out in this study?”
The reader should be able to understand what the essay is all about. The last sentence in this section should be crafted is such a way that the reader would want to quickly flip over to the first paragraph of the body of your essay.