Comments on photo id Circuit Droid Eye in the album "Droid Wallpapers" created by xsylus

  1. Takami826
    I'd ganked a similar one from some other site that I LOVED, I think the icons and the updated clock look great against a red backdrop... but this... dang HUGE HUGE difference in quality when you have it pointed out... great work on this one! Replacing my ganked one with this one right now!
  2. dgoakill
  3. unix.punkx
  4. Ifrigginlovemydroid
    How can I download any of these to my Droid ?
  6. Zer0-c00l
    go to the this site on your phone, tap and hold down on any pic you want to download. done
  7. Darkanon
  8. brandoncrow