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Thread: [Release] DarkEdge UI

  1. [Release] DarkEdge UI Details »»

    [Release] DarkEdge UI

    Build Version: , by (Professor X) xeudoxus is offline

    Developer Last Online: Jun 2012 Show Printable Version Email this Page
    Category: [THEME] Build Version: Rating:  (9 votes - 5.00 average)
    Released: 05-09-2010 Last Update: Never Installs: 0
    Theme: Custom

    A special thanks from Xeudoxus and REALigion goes out to all our supporters/Testers and especially to the following users.
    Koveleski: for general help and support, for those wonderful alternate colors for DarkEdge and the awesome Install Videos!
    Anondrian: for general help and support, and the creation of the DarkEdge Installation Guide
    MAD Industries: for general help and support, and his assistance with the DarkEdge Installation Guide
    Newton122189: for general help and support, Alt Keyboard, and for creating and operating #darkedgedev
    Frost: for his gorgeous wallpapers
    HybridTracer: for the original DarkEdge icon pack
    RobbieCrash: for his alternate DarkEdge icon pack

    User Made Screenshots!

    Do Not Redistribute this theme, make modifications, or release as your own, or upload as your own. If you would like okay to do any of these contact DarkEdge Email

    Devs that have been given permissions to release must not:
    - Redsitribute via "Rom Manager"
    - Redistribute as a "rom" with DE applied (DarkEdge can only be an addon)
    - Forget a link to be directed directed back to here for main updates/info.

    Here is an example of a GOOD port (ie, DarkEdge is only an addon for their rom and could not be installed on its own)bgill55 / Team Chaos

    Here is a patch MM to replace the scanlines on the notification bar for people that do not like the flashing (Only for ESE81 Main, all colors)
    Notification Scanline Replacer

    To report a bug please send a screen/logcat and version info to DarkEdge Email

    -DarkEdge ESE81 and CM are the most recent version of DE, as time goes by, the other versions will be brought up to speed.
    -DarkEdge 2.0.1 is REALLY old, please try and update your "rom" to ESE81
    -DarkEdge CM should be 100% up to date with all of the problems fixes (like music...) if there are any problems CM related let me know.
    -ALWAYS use the link for the DE guide (It gets updated consistently)

    -DarkEdge has been tested with the stock ESE81, CM, Stock 2.0.1 and DM 2.0.1 ONLY
    -Any ESE81 Based rom that has been DEODEXED "SHOULD" work, but do so at your own risk, Please make backups!!

    -If you have a question or having problems installing DarkEdge Please read the Guide first before asking in IRC or Thread.

    -If you are stuck on the moto "M" at boot after applying the theme please reboot into recovery and download/run FwT <--- See user guide

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU READ THE GUIDE!!!!! Also read all of the posts on the first page...scroll down

    DE-ESE81-Apps v1.2
    -Updated Maps (Still Not finished)
    -Helix Beta (1.4 BETA 1)
    -Bugs in Twitter
    -1x1 BW Widgets
    -Bugs in Facebook
    -Added Google translate
    -Added SetCPU
    -Added Unlock Widget
    -Added MotoTorch
    *DarkEdge Install/Usage Guide
    *DarkEdge support IRC

    -----------MAIN THEMES-----------
    *DE-ESE81 Main Theme *GOLD/DEFAULT*
    *DE-ESE81 Main Theme *BLUE*
    *DE-ESE81 Main Theme *RED*
    *DE-ESE81 Main Theme *GREEN*
    *DE-ESE81 Main Theme *PINK*
    *DE-ESE81 Main Theme *ORANGE*
    *DE-ESE81 Main Theme *PURPLE*
    *DE-CM- Main Theme v1.1 *GOLD/DEFAULT* *UPDATED 5/13/10 6:40am CST*
    *DE-CM-5.0.7.x Main Theme v1.0 *GOLD/DEFAULT* *UPDATED 5/27/10 6:02am CST*
    *DE-CM-5.0.7.x Main Theme *BLUE*
    *DE-CM-5.0.7.x Main Theme *RED*
    *DE-CM-5.0.7.x Main Theme *GREEN*
    *DE-CM-5.0.7.x Main Theme *PINK*
    *DE-CM-5.0.7.x Main Theme *ORANGE*
    *DE-CM-5.0.7.x Main Theme *PURPLE*
    *DE-2.0.1 Main Theme *GOLD/DEFAULT*

    -----------MARKET APPS------------
    *DE-Apps v1.2 *GOLD/DEFAULT*(For ESE81 and CM ONLY) *UPDATED 5/23/10 3:00am CST*
    *DE-Apps v1.2 *BLUE* (For ESE81 and CM ONLY)
    *DE-Apps v1.2 *RED* (For ESE81 and CM ONLY)
    *DE-Apps v1.2 *GREEN* (For ESE81 and CM ONLY)
    *DE-Apps v1.2 *PINK* (For ESE81 and CM ONLY)
    *DE-Apps v1.2 *ORANGE* (For ESE81 and CM ONLY)
    *DE-Apps v1.2 *PURPLE* (For ESE81 and CM ONLY)
    *DE-Apps *GOLD/DEFAULT*(For 2.0.1)

    *A2S (Mac/Linux) v1.1 *UPDATED 5/23/10 3:00am CST*
    *A2S (Windows) v1.1 *UPDATED 5/23/10 3:00am CST*

    ------------24H Fix------------------
    *24h Fix for ESE81 (Only use if you use 24hour format)
    *24h Fix for 2.0.1 (Only use if you use 24hour format)

    *DE-Icon Pack *GOLD/DEFAULT*(All Phones)
    *DE-Icon Pack *BLUE* (All Phones)
    *DE-Icon Pack *RED* (All Phones)
    *DE-Icon Pack *GREEN* (All Phones)
    *DE-Icon Pack *PINK* (All Phones)
    *DE-Icon Pack *ORANGE* (All Phones)
    *DE-Icon Pack *PURPLE* (All Phones)
    *DE-Icon Pack #Stock# (All Phones)

    ------------VOICE KEYBOARD-------------------
    *DE-Alt Keyboard *GOLD/DEFAULT*(All Phones)
    *DE-Alt Keyboard *BLUE* (All Phones)
    *DE-Alt Keyboard *RED* (All Phones)
    *DE-Alt Keyboard *GREEN* (All Phones)
    *DE-Alt Keyboard *PINK* (All Phones)
    *DE-Alt Keyboard *ORANGE* (All Phones)
    *DE-Alt Keyboard *PURPLE* (All Phones)

    Show Your Support

    • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.

  3. Droid
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    DarkEdge User Signatures






    Recommended format for usage:
    **NOTE** Must remove the spaces after the first character of each bbcode tag.
    [c enter]
    Same rule for "U RL"/"URL" and "I MG"/"IMG"
    [c enter][U RL="http://www.droidforums.net/forum/xeudoxus/43628-release-darkedge-ui.html"][i mg]YOURCODEHERE[/i mg][/U RL][/c enter]
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  4. Master Droid
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    R2D2 Droid 2, Motorola XOOM
    Quick Installation Overview

    Step 1: Make an Advanced Nandroid backup of your current Rom with all options selected in recovery

    Step 2: Install the DarkEdge Nandroid Starter or your Rom of choice (make sure to wipe data and cache multiple times)

    Step 3: Make another Advanced Nandroid backup and make sure all options are selected in recovery

    Step 4: Apply the DarkEdge Metamorph corresponding to your Rom (apply to the Nandroid Starter as well, updates will be added to the Metamorph, not the Nandroid)

    Step 5: If it does not boot then use FwT or push /framework manually in recovery

    Step 6: Once booted, use A2S (Apps2System) to move market apps to /system/app/ for proper themeing

    Step 7: Apply the DarkEdge Apps Metamorph so the apps moved by A2S are properly themed

    Step 8: Make sure you get an OC kernel, get your phone set up, stare in amazement, and ENJOY!

    If you have consulted the Installation Guide, and the steps listed above are way over your head then please join #darkedgedev on irc.freenode.net or join here if you're not familiar with how irc works
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  5. Developer
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    DroidForums.net Developer
    Premium Member
    If you have issues, please join IRC.

    Video of UI in action:

    Quick FAQ:

    Should I read the guide?

    YES, we didn't make it for lack of reason.

    Will I need ADB and what is ADB?

    Yes. ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge, but that really doesn't matter. It allows you access the phone from your PC in order to input commands. There are links available in the guide to get you set up with this, and honestly, if you are thinking about using this theme, you should get familiar with it.

    What is FwT?

    Framework transfer. Metamorph and ESE81 don't get along so well and most of the time, for most people, there installation will cut off @ the framework (the very final part of the main MM) and will cause their phone to black screen with soft keys lit. Since some people are unfamiliar with commands, Xeudoxus created the FwT program to manually move the framework, which is the next step in order to get your phone back to a working order AND have the theme installed.

    What is A2S?

    Apps to System. In order for metamorph to properly theme certain apps, they need to be moved from /data/app to /system/app. Xeudoxus has created a tool which will do all of this for you. It moves only the apps affected by the Apps MM available from us, nothing else.

    What is my market FCing after downloading an app?

    Please use the DarkEdge App MM and select vending.cpy. Your vending is messed up and we have the fix ready for you!

    Will my ROM work with this theme?

    This is a complete edit of multiple areas of the Android OS. Some roms will work, some won't. Join the IRC and ask if someone has tried yours yet. We are working on creating a list of ROMs that work.


    There is a lot being modified with this theme. It's not just an image pack like most others. If you want this theme, it's in your best interests to load up the installation guide and follow it step by step. At the same time, please join the IRC where there are people to assist you and answer your questions. The link is in the first post.

    If you follow the guide, you will have 100% success unless there is an issue directly related to YOUR pc (which could cause hiccups with certain tools that are required). We can help you get around those as well.

    The installation guide and IRC are your friend.

    Screenshot of forthcoming blue attached.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails [Release] DarkEdge UI-yourmyboyblue2.png  
    Last edited by Koveleski; 05-12-2010 at 11:00 PM.
    Check me out on the market. Search "pub:kovdev"
  6. Junior Droid
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    If you find an errors in the Guide please email me @ de.anondrian
    If you need help installing DarkEdge please come to the IRC linked in the first post.
    Last edited by anondrian; 05-25-2010 at 12:08 AM.
  7. Senior Droid
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    Reservation Hijacker goes in for the steal! mwahaha
  8. DF News Team
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    twitter: @m_abramson
  9. 1up
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    With permission from anondrian & Koveleski, I was allowed to post this:

    This is a guide on how to install DarkEdge for CyanogenMod using Windows 7 64-bit (w/ Administrator Access). I take no credit at all, I am not part of the team or anything like that. I typed this up for a friend, but I figure I could help a few people out there.

    Prerequisite and preparation:
    READ THE INSTALL GUIDE ->> http://www.pentatnep.com/DarkEdge/Da...stallGuide.pdf
    1. Android SDK - Android SDK | Android Developers
    2. Motorola USB Driver - USB and PC Charging Drivers - Motorola USA
    3. DarkEdge Theme for CyanogenMod - http://www.xeudoxus.com/DarkEdge/dow...CM-
    4. DarkEdge Apps for CyanogenMod - http://www.xeudoxus.com/DarkEdge/dow...ESE81-Apps.zip
    5. DarkEdge FwT - http://www.xeudoxus.com/DarkEdge/dow...rkEdge-FwT.exe
    6. Clockwork Recovery
    Links are up-to-date as of 05/15/2010 @ 10:21 AM PST

    Now that you've prep yourself to install DarkEdge for CyanogenMod, you can do the steps below:

    1. IMPORTANT: Backup, my friend, BACKUP
    2. Download Metamorph from the Market
    3A. Mount /sdcard/ on your Droid. Create folder name 'AndroidThemes' in the /root/ of your /sdcard/
    3B. Extract 'DarkEdge-CM-' and copy into /sdcard/AndroidThemes/
    3C. Extract 'DarkEdge-ESE81-Apps.zip' and copy into /sdcard/AndroidThemes/
    Click here to see how your /sdcard/AndroidThemes/ folder should look
    4. Unmount /sdcard/ from your PC
    5A. Open Metamorph; Start Checks; Allow & Remember SU Request (if avail)
    5B. Select 'Pick existing theme'; select 'DarkEdge-CM-'; select 'DarkEdge-CM-'; Apply all! and let it work it's magic
    5C. 99.8% chance your phone will crash when it attempts to patch the Framework. Do not panic, relax, do a battery pull, and reboot into Clockwork Recovery (Hold Power+X upon startup)
    6A. Once in Clockwork Recovery
    6B. Make sure your USB cord is connected to your Droid (duh!)
    6C. Goto 'Partition Menu'; select 'mount /system' & 'mount /sdcard'
    ------Troubleshooting: You can either use FwT or Android SDK manual file pushing-----
    7A. Troubleshooting with: DarkEdge-FwT (Easiest way)
    7B. Download 'DarkEdge-FwT' (if you haven't already) and Run it
    7C. Select 'CM-'
    7D. If successful, from 'Partition Menu'; select 'unmount /system' & 'unmount /sdcard'
    Click here to see how DarkEdge-FwT looks if ran correctly
    8A. Troubleshooting with: Android SDK (Requires some work)
    8B. Goto your '/android-sdk-windows/tools' folder
    8C. While not selecting any file, hold 'Shift + Right Click'. Select 'Open command window here'
    8D. Type or copy in:
    --> adb shell
    --> busybox cp /sdcard/AndroidThemes/DarkEdge-CM-* /system/framework/
    --> If using a different DE theme, replace 'DarkEdge-CM-' with your new theme name (ie: DarkEdge-ESE81-Blue)
    8E. If successful, from 'Partition Menu'; select 'unmount /system' & 'unmount /sdcard'
    Click here to see how a successful push looks if done correctly
    9. Reboot system and wait for the beautiful theme to load!
    Note: It may take up to 2-5 minutes for it to completely load the first time. Be patient.

    Read the Installation Guide on how to Theme your Apps with Metamorph. Its very self-explanatory. See ('Theming Apps Using MetaMorph')
    Here's the link: http://www.pentatnep.com/DarkEdge/Da...stallGuide.pdf
    Last edited by 1up; 05-18-2010 at 01:20 AM. Reason: updated install guide link

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    another nice theme from these guys. Thanks and now how about porting to my Droid Incredible already
    Sometimes , It is what it is !
  11. Rescue Squad
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    is this a full rom or do u have to install over CM?
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