Ive got the droid a855 rooted and ready but cant find answers. I bypassed the activation screen I suppose ill have to make that call to activate my device but not sure. When I started I had no number for the phone but I checked it again and have been assigned to a 000 number that looks like this 000-000-XXXX x=random numbers. From what Ive read the a855 is one of the phones that is built for straight talk but im half afraid of takin into VZW and them making me un root or them throwin a hissy fit but i was gunna put clockworkmod back up on my pc anyway between the phone and card theres like 5GBs. Id rather just do it myself and I figure as long as i can get it to allow me to enter a card number i should be cool. But the more i think about being un activated the more clear it gets im gunna have to make that call and get a local number and take it from there but anyone with REAL answers not jus claiming theyve flashed in straight talk.