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Thread: frequent crashes

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    frequent crashes

    I'm getting 6-7 crashes a day (a couple times I had to pull the battery to get it responding again).

    Generally the messaging app is the culprit (or at least what crashes it), although it happened once in GMail as well. The on-screen keyboard was generally present, although it wasn't in every case. I also had Google Listen going in the background in each case (it also froze once, leading to a battery pull). Sometimes the phone will recover, saying that such-and-such is not responding, and then be able to kill it and everything's back to normal.

    I can provide any logs or anything if y'all tell me what you need.

    Running Ultimate 8.0.0, ClockworkMod, rooted with unrevoked on a Droid Incredible.
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    I haven't seen any other complaints about this but that could be because there aren't as many Incredible 8.0 rom users posting. I'll let BD know about this.

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    I have been getting a lot of Force Closes with the Messaging app as well. Usually I'll get a txt, so I will go into the Messaging app to view it, and bam, it Force Closes. I relaunch Messaging and everything is fine.

    I also feel like the Messaging app has become quite slow compared to how it used to run. I had been on Bugless Beast for a while with everything running great. It'd usually take about 800 texts or so for the app to start lagging and taking forever to update texts. But on UD8, getting maybe 200 total texts causes the app to really start to bog down. Viewing the list of convos takes a while to "refresh". Opening a conversation takes a decent amount of time. Sending a text takes a while to show up in the convo viewing area. I don't know if its a FRG22D (2.2) issue (since the latest BB is still only built on 2.1) or if it's specific to just UD8. I used Cyanogenmod for about a week before giving up on that. I had ALL kinds of crazy problems with messaging on that ROM, which is why I left it.
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    I have seen quite a few FC's when leaving handcent. But I dont know if it is due to UD8 or Launcherpro. It normally says that it is Launcherpro. Oh well. I just suck it up.


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