Recently reflashed my DInc to UD 3.2 from 2.5. Rom is awesome. Just a few things came up that I can't fix

I can't seem to find a way to enable speech to text functionality. Mic button is not on the keyboard, web browser, or navigation apps. I can't find the settings to enable it.

When i was on 2.5, anytime i zoomed in on webpages, the text would automatically wrap around to fit the new window size. Now on 3.2, it does that only sometimes.

Certain characters/symbols are unrecognized by my phone. They show up as those weird boxes you get on computers when it doesnt recognize the font. And I'm not talking about text on some random page. Even on the phone's keyboard itself, brackets, plus, minus, etc all show up as unrecognized.

Can anyone help me out?