I am not sure if this is a UD 2.5 thing, a Droid thing or a SD Card thing, but I cannot see any of my m3u playlists on my Droid.

I used Sailing Media Sync to sync my music library (~5,000 songs and 15 playlists) to my Droid with a 32 GB microSD card. I have done this for about a year now, but for whatever reason, I cannot get any music player to recognize the playlists, and in fact, not all of my music is recognized after my last sync. I can see the m3u playlists and all the mp3s on the card using Astro or Root Explorer.

I have force stopped the music apps (stock and Winamp) and cleared all the data. I have loaded an apk that is suppose to clear the playlist database, have reloaded the media and have rebooted, but nothing seems to work.

Anyone know how to overcome this?