Hey guys. As the title says, I dropped my TB about 1.5 feet from the ground, and when I go to turn it on I get a white HTC logo screen for several, maybe a good 15 minutes, before everything looks to be working.

BUT, the touch screen does not seem to be responding at all, so I'm stuck at the lock screen. It looks to be operating fine otherwise, I can see my battery life, the time, my 3G, wifi, provider, etc.

My TB is rooted, and had 0 problems before I dropped it this morning.

I was able to get into HBoot and then recovery, and ran my last nandroid recovery, which worked, but sadly it didn't help at all, and it's still have the extremely slow start up problem and the touch screen problem.

Any idea on what happened and how I can fix it? I've also tried the obvious fixes such as removing the battery.