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Thread: Help me pleeeeaaaase!!! Im gonna cry!

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    Help me pleeeeaaaase!!! Im gonna cry!

    I have absolutely no clue why, but at some point my phone started occasionally freezing up on me. if i took out the battery, put it back in and restarted it, it would generally come back alright. sometimes it would get stuck on the thunderbolt screen, but if i just repeated the battery pull i could eventually get it to work. the freezing started happening more frequently. last night it happened for the gazillionth time and i pulled the battery like usual, but when i tried to restart it, it would not move past that very first white HTC screen. so i did it again, and again... nothing! i left the battery out over night, didnt change anything. ive googled the problem so many times, but i cant find anything to help. from all the forum posts ive read about the issue, i found that there is a special way to turn on the phone by holding the power button and volume button at the same time... thats about all i understand... from there ive tried the recovery thing, which didnt work and from further google searches i was able to determine that my phone is NOT rooted, whatever the hell that is. i tried the factory reset option twice, that didnt fix it either. I have never done anything to my phone or installed or downloaded any of the fancy things that i have absolutely no understanding of, the only thing ive ever done to my phone is i once did a factory reset a while ago simply for the sake of a fresh start. could it be some silly app i downloaded? wtf! help!
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    Call Verizon or go to a Verizon store. They will try to terrible shoot various things for you, the first being a factory data reset. Tell them you've already tried it but they will probably make you try it again. If your phone is less than a year old then it is still covered under warranty and all else fails, they will send you another one. If it is older than a year old then they may send you another one just to be nice. Or if you have insurance, you could go that route. Here's hoping for the best.

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    Based on the description of how the problem became more and more frequent, and how it took more and more attempts to get it to start with battery pulls, I am thinking it may be the voltage levels of the battery are much lower than the charger and meter on the phone are representing them, which in turn will result in a battery with depressed voltages so low they are insufficient to sustain the phone at first, and eventually so low they are insufficient to even POST (Power On Self Test). the phone.

    I'd go with a full power off charge to 100%, then use to 15% and power off, then charge to 100% again.

    But I would also agree with TisMyDroid that the technicians at the store should be able to isolate the problem if you can't perform the process mentioned above.

    In the future, whatever the final solution (battery replacement, phone replacement or charging process mentioned above), don't let your phone's power drop much below the "Low battery" warning level (usually 15%), and charge as soon as possible after that level. Also, charging with the POWER OFF will assure a 100% saturation charge, and will help keep your phone's battery meter properly calibrated to the actual battery's capacity, and will hopefully prevent this for you in the future.

    Good luck!
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    I agree. Taking the phone to a corp verizon store and let them ts your phone issues. As them to reinstall the stock software for your phone. It will take them a while but it may solve your issue. How does your phone react when you turn it on while plugges into the charger hat came with your phone.
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    Or you could try to RUU with your PC.


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