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Thread: I'm a customer in new 4g area, constant switching to 3g/1x, anyone have any pointers?

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    I'm a customer in new 4g area, constant switching to 3g/1x, anyone have any pointers?

    Hi everyone! I had a question and i'm having trouble isolating the problem, maybe someone can help me out! My area was recently turned on to 4g (North Idaho). After it happened I decided to root my phone to Liquid gingerbread 3.2. In the last few days I've noticed that 4g is really having trouble sticking and will usually kick to 3g or 1x until I put it in airplane mode then back off.

    I've been doing research all day about this but I'm still not convinced I know what's going on (though I know it's a known issue). I'm thinking it's either:

    -New LTE area, maybe it's a network issue handling a lot of new people? (To anyone that had 4g switched on in their market this past year, was it dropping in and out when it first kicked up?)
    - I've read that sometimes ASOP roms might cause some radio issues?

    More specifically, I can have 4g but usually as soon as it sends/receives data it's going back to 3g/1x. I've tried the LTE onoff to lock the network into LTE only but it's not in my dropdown menu.

    I almost want to go back to the 3g days, at least I wasn't ever cutting out! grr...

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Not a thunderbolt owner, but maybe putting the phone in CDMA only mode is a temporary fix until 4g is stable in your area.

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    4G just came near my home. According to Verizon 4G map, my house is right on the line between 4G and 3G coverage. Since then, I loose my data at least once a week and have to reboot to get it back.
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    Call Verizon tech support. I'm on the fringe of 4G also. I'd suggest doing a factory reset. Mine switches back and forth from 3G to 4G a lot. It's not instantaneous, but it does alright.

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    I'm also on the fringe of the 4G area, and experience the same issues. I'll grab 4G for a bit but then it kicks me out and on occasion it doesn't connect to 3G/1X for a few minutes unless I toggle airplane mode.


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