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Thread: Rooted Revolutionary pulled ota?

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    Rooted Revolutionary pulled ota?

    So I rooted a friends Thunderbolt a few weeks (11/28) ago with revolutionary and stock gingerbread. She brought the phone to me today with the little blue Android guy and a triangle looking like it tried to download an OTA update. Now when the phone turns on, it reboots after 10 seconds, and tries to install an OTA. In previous occasions, I just factory reset, and it would bring me back to a fresh root. But this time, I did a factory reset and now don't have 4g, only 1x. O.o

    I guess what i'm wondering is, shouldn't revolutionary have blocked this update from even occurring? She knows better then to even look for updates without consulting me so I know she didn't do it. Now I'm stuck looking through the forums for the correct radio version. I'm also worried because I have rooted my thunderbolt and another friends the same way... is this going to happen to me also?

    Any insight on this odd issue would be greatly appreciated.


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    Revolutionary would not stop an ota update. It's only a program to achieve s-off and grant root access. The factory Rom would still look for the update automatically. New updates always screw with root access and close loop holes to gain root. If u still have root access flash a custom rom and ota updates will stop. As far as the radio not working, VZW has had data issues last night and this morning. Could be it or the update may have messed th up. If your radio doesn't work in a little while flash new ones from hboot. Rootzwiki has a good list.

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    i dont have root and this keeps happening. i do have the recovery from revolution. how do i fix it?
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    You've probably found the answer by now, but in case you haven't ... mine did the same thing and I found this info:

    <<Go into clockwork recovery (by doing a boot into safe mode) and select flush the cache.>> after you do this, then back out and reboot the phone. It will come up with a message about the downloaded update not working, select cancel. You're back in business.

    I've found this to try to prevent OTA from screwing up my rooted thunderbolt, but so far I am unable to change the name.
    <<Then go into system/etc/security folder and rename the otacerts.zip file to otacerts.zip.bak or something similar to prevent future ota updates.>>

    I'm still running the gingerbread that verizon pushed to me earlier, only rooted and did nothing more. I read somewhere that if I'd put a different ROM/gingerbread on it, it would reject the OTA too. But I haven't learned enough yet to do that.

    One last thing, after flushing the cache it seemed I was stuck in 1x speed (on verizon), but a half hour later my phone picked up a 4g signal and my speed is back to normal.

    I've pasted the info above in <<>> from a guy/gal named t0ked from another android forum, to give credit where credit is due.

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    same thing happened to me. I just unrooted my phone installed the update and then rooted it again.
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    Revolutionary will let you loose root with an OTA. I think it prevents the bootloader part of updates so you maintain s-off, but you will have to restore backup as said above or install a rooted rom.

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