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Thread: Keyboard is much too sensitive. Advice?

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    Keyboard is much too sensitive. Advice?

    Hey guys... I'm running the current version of a Stock TBolt w/ Verizon. I have always been frustrated by the sensitivity of the screen when typing. I'm a fast typer and it's so sensitive that typing is quiet frustrating no matter what keyboard app i use. I've got the stock keyboard, ThumbKeyboard, Swype Beta, and SwiftKeyX. ThumbKey was my fave, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get rid of the arrow keys. Plus, the entire keyboard itself takes up too much space, in portrait mode. I think it needs uninstalled and reinstalled? If I do this, is there a particular way to do it so that it gets rid of any stored data? Thru the app store uninstaller? I don't mind if I lose words it's remembered. I'm currently using SwiftKey X. But even still, they ALL are just too sensitive, and I don't believe you can change it. I've recalibrated the touch input a bunch of times, but it's looking for accuracy more than anything I think.

    Plus, I hang up on people ALL THE TIME when talking on the phone. Especially if I hold the phone in the crook of my neck. I can't always use speakerphone, and I don't want to buy a BT headset if I don't have to (I know that would help though). If the screen gets a whiff of any daylight at all, it activates and my cheek hangs up the phone. Sometimes just the slightest movement will do it, crook of the neck or not.

    I'm not sure what this technology is called. Is this what is called "Sense" or something? I don't know, but I wish I could scale back the sensitivity of the phone period. Yes, I use a screen protector too btw.

    I've never rooted my phone simply because it seems like a nightmare, and I know NOTHING about it doing it. I would have to spend time researching, asking questions, figuring out which ROM is the best, etc.. and I don't have time really. Unless it's much easier than I think it is... and my phone can maybe be restored back to how it was... I would consider it. But that's for another thread...

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    To not hang up on people, hit Home button, then turn screen off. To go back to call, turn screen on, hit Phone, or pull down notifications, and touch call in progress - but NOT red end call button! (unless you want to end call). That is all I know.

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