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Thread: Drop 4g/3g on Wireless Tether or Wired Tether.

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    Drop 4g/3g on Wireless Tether or Wired Tether.

    Very odd and frustrating thing going on with a refurbed phone I just received. I am not new to rooting, but am new to the Thunderbolt, had it about two months now. My new TB got wet, so now im stuck with a refurb.

    A quick run down on what I have on the phone:

    BAMF Sense 3.0 RC4 7/03/11 Rom
    (MR2)PG05IMG.zip radio

    It's really weird, if I connect through USB with the "Mobile Broadband Connect" I completely drop 4g (actually any internet) until I disconnect or change it to "Charge Only". If I use any other Wifi Tether software other then "Open Garden" it does the same, completely drops 4g/internet. If I use the original "Wifi Tether" downloaded from the internet, bam, lose internet on connect.

    The only way I can use the internet is with either "Open Garden", or PDAnet hard wired. Even then, I randomly lose 4g/3g and have to reboot my phone or disconnect/reconnect.

    Has anyone else heard of this? I have used Both MR2 and MR2.5 and neither seem to matter. I've tried different ROMS, still the same issue. Could it just be this refurbed phone? Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks for any recommendations!

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    Yeah you're far from alone... I've got a similar issue. Tethering worked fine until shortly after the July ota update that took away free mobile hotspot and USB tethering.. so I'm thinking maybe Verizon is filtering tetherers and kicking them off the network but I can't prove that... I lose 3G randomly even when not tetethering just loading things on my phone, but nothing we can do, I've tried just about everything... except open garden I forgot all about that, I assume its out for the public, imma check that out lol.

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    Same Issue

    Rooted my phone yesterday. Using WiFi tether, it connects, but will drop data when connected to computer. Please let me know any resolution. What is open garden?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LaVidaPura View Post
    Rooted my phone yesterday. Using WiFi tether, it connects, but will drop data when connected to computer. Please let me know any resolution. What is open garden?
    Im having the same issue im using Wireless Tether and I can browse no problem but if I was to download something it just doesnt. where are you located? I'm in Tampa (wondering if its just my area)
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    Mine works fine. I'm not sure what the differences are but here's my current phone configuration:

    Liquid Thunderbread 2.6

    Baseband version:,

    Kernel verion:


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