Hey guys, once again I am having a problem with my TB. The phone isn't rooted, nor do I have a ton of misc apps running on it. "wanted to make sure I threw that out there first" Down to the problem.....On a daily basis I used bluetooth to stream music from pandora to my radio in my truck. Up until now it has worked flawlessly, until a few days ago. The day the problem started my phone was running terrible for some reason. Think about trying to surf multiple websites on a 10 year old desktop computer on dial up....thats how poor my phone was running. My text messages were freezing, the internet wouldnt work, and i couldnt get any media to play. After five hours of this, I couldnt take it so i just turned my phone off the rest of the day. When I powered it back on, I kept getting "htc sense" or "htc media stream" force closes. Ever since that moment when my phone went crazy, I havent been able to stream media to my radio receiver, but now the phone is running fine as it should, but the stream function will not work anymore? Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.