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Thread: Using TB instead of cable modem?

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    Using TB instead of cable modem?

    I'm thinking about getting a TB (or similar upcoming LTE phone), rooting, and using wireless tethering 24/7 to replace my cable ISP modem which connects my TiVos, laptops, wii, etc to the internet. I would then "cut the cord" and eliminate my cable/home internet bill.

    What do you think? Will the wifi broadcasting radiation kill me? Is there a device out there that can tether to the Thunderbolt's wifi broadcast and amplify it? I assume any wireless N access point would do? Is there a networking device that could link it to an ethernet router to support my wired network devices?

    In case we have different ethics where this is concerned...

    I wouldn't pay for the tethering plan. I'd root MY DEVICE and tether for free. I view Verizon Wireless as a "dumb pipe". I pay them for this unlimited access like my cable ISP and it's not their business what devices I run through the pipe.

    Let's just say this is hypothetical or for "network testing purposes" for the point of this discussion.

    If not here, where is the best forum for this type of question?

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    Depends on how much you will use it. While the plan says "unlimited", its not really unlimited. Under their fair use policy, if you fall within the top 5% of highest usage, they have the right to cap your data usage and/or speed.
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    yes and any thing over 5gb they start watching u. and i don't see the speeds being fast enough for home use. And legally if you.want to to tether its free for 2 months then 20$ to tether for 2gb.

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    I'm sure you could, but the question is will it effect you once they start throttling you?

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    Yea, right....

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