Hi All...

I am looking for a pouch case that will hold the TB with Extended Battery and the Seido Active case on it while on a belt. I have broken the holster clip twice, once under warranty and the 2nd time just the other day. I don't want to have to keep buying new holsters every time the cheap plastic clip breaks from getting caught on something. Therefore I was thinking to find a pouch case that would hold all the above minus the holster of course.

I wish they made the attachment point on the clip with reinforced metal so it wouldn't break off so easily. I don't believe anyone does this with their spring loaded clip. You would think by now they would but I guess they want you to keep coming back to buy more holsters. Unless anyone knows of such a case \ holster combo that uses a more reinforced clip for the holster? I am not talking about those stationary metal clips that are not spring loaded. I would want one like the clip on most holsters that are spring loaded.

Thanks !!!