Hi, i am the creator of the Infinitum Project, and after the Blue Infinitum theme, here is Black Infinitum.

This is a theme for Theme Chooser engine (CyanogenMod & AOKP), its purpose is to enhance the Android UI without compromising the vanilla look. Enjoy!

For latest updates follow me on Twitter! @Razer_X

Download and screenshots via Play Store

For a full black experience try the Inverted version with inverted Contacts, Messaging, Gmail, Email, Calendar and Play Store.

Install the app, go to settings/themes of your ROM, select system theme and REBOOT. After that apply this theme and reboot again.

You may get the error: "Sorry, this theme is missing assets for your device's screen size", APPLY IT ANYWAY.

Fix for Contacts and Messaging app text issues
Theme fix-v2.zip

-Nitroz for his theme (on which this was originally based on) and minimal signal concept
-evilkal for circle battery
-Djdarkknight and gsxrdon for keyboard
-Celerayted for torch icon