Not sure if this forum is the right place for this post, but its the only one for MIUI that I've found.

I'm using MIUI 2.8.24 on SGS2 and encoutered couple small problems:

1. I've managed to change the default search engine in the default browser from Baidu to Google, but now when I input something in the search field and hit search, it just redirects me to Google's homepage. I can't find a way to fix it
2. I really like the feature that I can turn on the fleshlight by holding home button from lockscreen, but is there any way to lock it on, so that I wouldn't have to hold it? For example triple tap home button to lock it or something like this?
3. I wanted to turn on the synchronization with MIUI account, I've managed to do so with pictures, contacts and messages, but I wonder what the last function do (not sure how it is in English, but I guess that its something like "Device localisation")? I cannot turn it on, it turns off on itself.