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Thread: How to start compcache

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    How to start compcache

    How do you start or enable compcache in Miui?

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    Terminal emulator is needed, open it.,
    either use your slide out keyboard or hit menu and choose "toggle softkeybaord"

    type "SU" hit enter (no "")
    it will either ask if you agree to allow super user permissions or show that it is granting it (if it was used prior and you allowed it then)
    After this, type "compcache stats" this will show you if it running and what its doing
    "compcache restart" will get it to run and run on next reboot
    "compcache start 40" starts it with 40MB

    that should get you going,

    Also- your kernel must support compcache

    hope this gets you into the right direction
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    After gaining super user in terminal (su)
    you can also run "handle_compcache" to start it with default settings.

    Runing 'compcache restart' should start compcache as well.

    If you are using the MIUI.us build, compcache should be running from boot by default. If you have installed a different kernel, the compcache module with the new kernel may not be compatible with the build. I have tried to match the handling of compcache in this build as much as possible to CM7. As long as the kernel has a working compcache on CM7, it should work fine on the MIUI.us build.
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