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Thread: Miui.us vs Miuiandroid - Explained

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    Miui.us vs Miuiandroid - Explained

    Most of you here have probably not been a part of what happened with the split of miui.us from miuiandroid. Essentially several devs who port for various devices had a disagreement with the other leaders at miuiandroid. I have seen some logs of what happened, but I don't know everything. I can't (and won't) make a call on if everything was handled correctly, but the result was the split. Many of the devs who have done the porting for different devices have chosen the miui.us group to work with for various individual reasons. The leaders at miuiandroid did not want to only release translations for devices supported natively (by china devs). Therefore they have decided to duplicate several of the ports that the miui.us devs were already doing. That is what is happened with the D1.

    Both TP4Bama and myself have helped Trey get started and do not have any problem with him personally. However, we are not going to work with miuiandroid sources because we have chosen to work with the miui.us group. If anyone wanted to port to the D1, there was ample opportunity when TP4Bama had to take a break. (That's the only reason I am working here at all). The miuiandroid port is not because there is a need for a miui port to the D1, but because they want a MIUIANDROID port for the D1. Again, if they want to do that, we have no problem with them doing that, but that is not what we want, so we are not going to work towards that goal.

    The primary location for these ports for each translation is on their respective sites (miui.us and miuiandroid.com) DroidForums is obviously a neutral site and we have no problem with each port being discussed here. When discussing the different ports, you may want to be clear about which version you are using. The ports are similar and use the same miui.com base, but different options can / will be included with each one.
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    Thank you for this. I would like to add that for the most part you are going to find more people that can help with issues on here as even though both miui.us and miuiandroid both have a large user base there are not as many droid users on either site. But for the sake of the miui.us guys if your using the miuiandroid version please post issues there as trey does not have acess to droidforums and can not assist you here.

    Also as far as i know there has been no dispute between droid devs and we are happy to work with miui.us team they even helped trey get started. We just dont agree with what went down and are on marks side. Ill still continue to try and support people here even though im sure most of you have no clue who i am.

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    Thank You

    To be honest, not sure what all of this is about, but nice to have a "heads up" on possible variations.

    To that end, I was getting all my MIUI Roms right from here (or at least the link was here) My only question would be...The MIUI builds found here, by the excellent moderators, would be most like which?

    Sorry, clarify. Which groups MIUI ports will be closest to the MIUI I have been getting here? I'm guessing the MIUI.US based on your explanation, but thought I'd double check.

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    I believe miui.us posts here and the miuiandroid ones are on their site.
    Both are good for different reasons.
    One is more like the china release, one is more tweaked with forums members requests.
    Least thats my take on them both!


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