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Thread: [OFFICIAL THREAD] Steel Droid -4-7-2014 - Resurrecting Gingerbread!

  1. [OFFICIAL THREAD] Steel Droid -4-7-2014 - Resurrecting Gingerbread! Details »»

    [OFFICIAL THREAD] Steel Droid -4-7-2014 - Resurrecting Gingerbread!

    Build Version: Multiple, by (Steel Droid ROM Developer) chevycam94 is offline

    Developer Last Online: Apr 2014 Show Printable Version Email this Page
    Category: [ROM] Build Version: Multiple Rating:  (26 votes - 5.00 average)
    Released: 01-12-2012 Last Update: 05-20-2013 Installs: 59
    Theme: Custom Base Version: Gingerbread, ICS, and JellyBean Compiled From: MotoBlur GB, CM7, AOKP, AOKPCB, VanirAOSP JB
    Supported Deodexed

    Don't forget to hit THANKS and VOTE!

    April 7, 2014

    -= Updates =-
    Droid 1 v12 pre27 Gingerbread (4-7-2014)

    Galaxy Nexus v7.1 Jellybean TORO (5-20-2013)
    Custom Ringtone Pack v2 (3-7-2013)
    MIRRORS for Toro v5.0 and Maguro v5.0 (2-6-2013)
    Droid 3 v5.0 Gingerbread + MIRROR (2-6-2013)
    Galaxy Nexus v5.0 Jellybean MAGURO (2-4-2013)
    Droid 2 v3.0 Gingerbread (1-18-2013)
    Droid 1 v11.0 Themed Gingerbread (12-2-2012)
    Droid X 5.1 BETA BUILD 2 (BOOT?) (11-12-2012)
    Droid 3 v5.5 ICS (5-25-2012)

    Galaxy Nexus JellyBean v7.1 screenshots!

    Steel Droid Gingerbread Screenshots!
    Name:  Release.jpg
Views: 96135
Size:  261.8 KB

    Official Boot Animations
    The phone models its compatible with are listed in the name of the download

    Droid-1-2-G-X-X2-Blu.zip - 5.86 MB - For the THEMED version
    MD5: 5554f8da8f1ce3eb8cf3346d045a65c0
    Droid-1-2&Global-X-X2.zip - 5.87 MB -For the UNTHEMED version
    MD5: 3450cf7d2b00ed64ddfc5ceebadbb332


    Custom Ringtone Pack
    MD5: 7b27ae01af8a663da301d3646cfcc9f4

    Droid 1

    v12 pre27
    SD_12000_pre27.zip - 73.56 MB - Custom Revamped UI - WIP
    MD5: 79833403e5aa222842c41f74cd54c880

    MD5: 26c3a98648bff3b211c2538ccfc85df0

    SD_11000.zip - 89.69 MB - Custom ICS
    MD5: 834d7fbf4a1712f3c7cc4fbc1b3a25d9

    SD_10200_UNTHEMED.zip - 80.22 MB - CM7
    MD5: 2057a75874095e60660387ba2845331b

    Droid 2
    SD2_GB_3000.zip - 88.48 MB - Custom ICS
    MD5: fce456cc692eca6416bf3d7277143326
    droid2-UNTHEMED.zip - 99.69 MB - CM7
    MD5: 493015cec54b09615720210d58b63cd5

    Droid 2 Global
    droid2we.zip - 98.32 MB - Custom ICS
    MD5: 993bd22c8fbb34a9ba36b2476ab5a86e
    droid2we-UNTHEMED.zip - 99.01 MB - CM7
    MD5: d829a56c53ead84d762a67ccd672f6db

    Droid 3
    SD3_5500.zip - 124.78 MB - TRUE ICS
    MD5: 248d002e10809b9090fdd4955296aefd

    SD3_5000.zip - 144.26 MB - MOTOBLUR GINGERBREAD
    MD5: 933082b59ee666c5c41eb8c4d85d7fcf
    v5.0 GB MIRROR

    Galaxy Nexus GSM/HSPA

    v5.0 (based on VanirAOSP Jellybean)
    MD5: 2b8c5759a630b66e52d6e8107063177e

    Galaxy Nexus Verizon CDMA/LTE

    v7.1 (based on VanirAOSP Jellybean)
    MD5: e4002c3a6d543f0ade7a97163cca5610

    NEW! JellyBean JRO03O Radios ONLY
    JRO03O_radios.zip - 14.41 MB
    MD5: 52cb0605b23492e78d6e2c2de3969768

    ================================================== =======

    Open up the Browser, and type in "about:debug" (minus the quotes of course)
    This will enable debug settings and the Java Console.
    ================================================== =======
    Goto Settings -> About Phone, and click repeatedly on Android version and
    Mod version. You will see what happens. :-D
    ================================================== =======

    Droid 1 - v12 pre27 Gingerbread Changelog (4-7-2014):
    * Updated Play Store to 4.7.16 patched
    * Added back AccountsAndSyncSettings app to system
    * Other minor misc tweaks (WIP)

    Galaxy Nexus v7.1 JELLYBEAN TORO Changelog (5-20-2013):
    * Updated binaries to JDQ39E
    * Updated Play Store to 4.1.6 MOD
    * Updated Nova Launcher to 2.1.1 beta1
    * Updated Google Music to 5.0.1026J.676641
    * Updated GooglePlus to the latest v4.x release (dropped today actually)
    * Updated to current custom kernel code
    * Updated and optimized Beats Audio
    * Updated Google Talk to the new Hangouts
    * Added Google Goggles v1.9.2
    * Added graphic header to About Phone section
    * Added Memory Flush to SteelActions
    * Added Quick Unlock to lockscreen
    * Added Power Tile to QuickSettings
    * Added Select All icon with text in landscape mode
    * Added option to daydream on wireless charger
    * Added option to disable the camera shutter sound
    * Added vibration control to performance settings
    * Added Blacklist functionality to Phone
    * Added option to change when to scan for media
    * Fixed GoogleNow voice and text search (FINALLY!)
    * Fixed a TON of memory leaks all over the system
    * Fixed date overlapping signal in TabletUI mode
    * Fixed battery icon with percent
    * Fixed FC when using light settings
    * Fixed lockscreen landscape carousel option & overlapping with widget pager
    * Fixed all current issues with PIE
    * Fixed borked smooth scrolling bug
    * Fixed blank target and other misc bugs in NavBar
    * Fixed incorrect autobrightness value when saved
    * Fixed some grammer in Settings descriptions
    * Fixed call audio bugs
    * Fixed vibration control in GNexusParts
    * Removed NavBar toggle from VanirActions
    * Removed statusbar clock on when lockscreen is showing
    * Removed NavBar toggle from VanirActions
    * Enabled Ethernet tab in data usage details
    * Enabled apps with all uppercase letters to be themed
    * Enabled low latency audio
    * NavBar icons are now actual icons, not silhouettes
    * Changed some settings in build.prop for memory
    * Moved stuff around in Sound settings to make more sense
    * Lockscreen can now be themed
    * Allow configuration of Ad-Hoc (IBSS) networks
    * Indicate call wait state in call title instead of only a toast
    * Eliminated duplicate "Cesium" alarm sound
    * Optimized the recents thumbnails and layout
    * New Voicemail icon that fits with the rest of the system better
    * Major code cleanup in Settings
    * Shortened defined long-press touch time
    * Allow voicemail notifications to be swiped away
    * Made PIE being dependent on Expanded Desktop optional
    * Cleaned up a few more duplicate ringtones and notifications

    Custom Ringtone Pack v2 Changelog
    * Added Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In (Skrillex "Goin' Down" Mix)
    * Added Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In (Skrillex "Goin' Hard" Mix)

    Droid 2 v3.0 Gingerbread Changelog (1-18-2013):

    * Updated Nemus Launcher to
    * Updated Google Music
    * Updated Google Play Store to 3.10.10 Modded
    * Updated Superuser to with legacy binary
    * Updated QuickSearchBox
    * Updated VoiceSearch
    * Removed duplicate notification sound settings in build.prop
    * Removed duplicate notification sound file
    * Added my custom ringtones, and changed other sound settings
    * Themed more of the system images

    Droid 3 v5.0 Gingerbread Changelog (1-11-2013):

    * Updated Nemus Launcher to
    * Updated Flash Player to
    * Updated Google Music to 4.4.811H.526848
    * Updated Google Play Store to 3.10.10 Modded
    * Updated Superuser to 3.1.3 with 3.1.1 binary
    * Updated QuickSearchBox
    * Updated VoiceSearch
    * Removed duplicate notification sound settings in build.prop
    * Removed duplicate notification sound file
    * Added my custom ringtones, and changed other sound settings
    * Added ALL the ringtones, notifications, and alarms from my GNex releases
    * Added some experimental build.prop mods
    * Themed a lot of the ROM to match Jellybean 4.2.x (still more to go)

    Droid 1 v11.0 Gingerbread Custom ICS Theme Changelog (12-2-2012):
    Updated Nemus Launcher to
    * Updated Superuser to 3.1.3 with current 3.1.1 binary
    * Updated Google Plus
    * Updated QuickSearchBox
    * Updated Doggie File Manager
    * Updated some init.d scripts
    * Updated a few Contacts shortcut images to match JB 4.2
    * Updated several app icons to those from JB 4.2
    * Updated default wallpaper to match my GNex JB one
    * Fix list settings initialization (SteelBox)
    * Recreate gesture store on load (SteelBox)
    * Changed "switch" icons to something better
    * Optimized 82 more images throughout the ROM
    * Removed unused wallpaper image from framework
    * Cleaned up lockscreen and changed to a blue color
    * Raised number of volume steps in calls from 7 to 9

    Galaxy Nexus v3.90 PCB Blue (7-8-2012):
    * Synced as of 7-8-2012
    * Based on AOKP Milestone 6
    * Gapps from 4-29-2012 are included
    * Theme courtesy of AOKPCB (scar45 and remicks)
    * Updated Nova Launcher to 1.2.2 b3
    * Removed FB sync
    * Added ability to hide sender and/or message body in notifications (Mms)
    * Added CM9 T-Mobile theme manager
    * Added Sense 4 style Task switcher (you have the option of choosing from stock/web os/sense 4 now)
    * Added ability to play boot sound (disabled by default)
    * Added delayed ring feature to Phone
    * Added Emoji to Mms (enable in Mms settings)
    * Added AOKP wallpapers app
    * Added USB tether toggle,
    * Added AOKP clock widgets
    * Added notification counters
    * New boot animation
    * Added nav bar widgets (must add nav bar widgets button/long press button in nav bar settings and add some widgets to play with!)
    * Added AOKP stats (www.stats.aokp.co) -- you can opt out
    * Added bluewall firewall. Limits the number of notification sounds an app can play per X seconds, so like 1 GTalk ping/30s, but notifications will still be coming in
    * Improved weather code
    * Added "copy to clipboard" option in "Share" dialogs throughout Android
    * Added hardware info in about screen
    * Added new music layout to lockscreen (you can choose between old and new)
    * Added nfc toggle
    * Added nfc polling settings (Settings > More > NFC polling mode)
    * Made lockscreen weather prettier
    * Fixed DRM issues

    Droid 3 v5.5 ICS Changelog (includes AOKP official changelog ) (5-25-2012):
    * Synced as of 5-24-2012
    * Built off of AOKP build 37
    * Updated Nova Launcher to 1.1.4
    * Updated MMS emoji code from CM
    * Updated theme engine from CM
    * Updated the ad-blocking hosts file with my 2.3MB version
    * Updated all sounds in the system with optimized versions to reduce size
    * Added aokp clock widgets
    * Added volume adjust sound preference
    * Added more padding to statusbar buttons
    * Added delayed ring feature to Phone
    * Added SwagPapers (AOKP Wallpapers)
    * Added more SwagPapers
    * Added USB Tether toggle
    * Added default ICS wallpapers
    * Fixed volume slider showing incorrect volume in a voice call (making it look like it wasn't full)
    * Fixed a bug when hiding sender information, photo would still show
    * Fixed boot animation not showing
    * Fixed potential weather service FC
    * Fixed bug in native Email app that would cause wakelocks
    * Fixed memory leak with lockscreen code
    * Fixed auto-rotate toggle
    * Fixed navbar glow resetting on reboot
    * Support GSM AT commands for SMS over bluetooth
    * Removed the videos in /system/media to save about 10.5MB of space
    * Removed all languages in the tts language folder except for English to save about 9MB of space
    * Removed all VideoEditor and other video-related codecs to save space, as they dont work yet anyway
    * Raised volume level on maguro/tuna
    * Auto-brightness fixes
    * Systemui will now restart on changing themes to avoid any potential errors
    * Navbar background is now set through XML to allow theming
    * Reverted sd/emmc switch for Galaxy S devices
    * Navigation bar app icons now scale better

    Wipe EVERYTHING before installing, or you WILL have problems.
    Give the ROM time to run, before judging it. It will be slow to start, but speed will increase as things settle in. Wont take long, maybe a few minutes!
    As for the Market, you need to sign into your Google account FIRST, and then the icon will appear.

    Here are my thanks, in no particular order:

    Google (Android OS!)
    CyanogenMod (Android 2.3.3 source)
    AOKP (4.2.2 JB commits)
    PrimeDirective (VanirAOSP)
    scar45 (AOKPCB theme)
    remicks (AOKPCB theme)
    JBirdVegas (PropModder)
    JaeKar99 (new boot animations)
    666ogre666 (testing, ideas)
    Sonny Sekhon (Awesome ICS theme, partial)
    Actngrezy (testing, tweaks, mods)
    Alastrionia (testing, mods)
    Bob24260 (support, testing)
    Cush2Push (testing, ideas)
    ChevyNo1 (ideas, assistance)
    JRummy (pointers, assistance)
    Lehthanis (testing, ideas, boot animation)
    Woodyman (ideas, pointers, assistance)
    Liquid (testing, ideas, tweaks, mods)
    es0tericcha0s (ideas, assistance)
    gflam (testing, ideas, pointers, mods, tweaks, apps)
    RaidZero (testing, tweaks, mods, ideas)
    CVPCS (mods, tweaks)
    and more.....

    Download Now

    Show Your Support

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    • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.

  3. Senior Droid
    rkpeterson's Avatar
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    May 2011
    5 times
    I'm just happy to see not everyone has dropped development for the OG.

    Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
    Project Elite -10.0 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 JDQ39 Nightlies
  4. Master Droid
    Durandgir's Avatar
    Member #
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    Dec 2011
    Douglas, MA
    1 times
    Galaxy Nexus
    I'm really excited and i've gained more respect for developers i'm trying to learn linux since i've switched it as my main operating system and I thought I knw enough to make a rom but it took forever just to get sdk to work, then I couldn't even download the source!
  5. Droid
    RobClay18838's Avatar
    Member #
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    Sep 2011
    2 times
    OG Droid
    Extremely excited for this, work for the OG is really appreciated. I know v9 was great. Can't wait to see what v10 brings to the table!

    Sent from my CushZero using DroidForums
  6. Developer Relations
    JSM9872's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
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    Premium Member
    Nice to see some continued support for the Droid 1. Thanks Chevy!!
  7. Steel Droid ROM Developer
    chevycam94's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Central Ohio
    202 times
    Droid 1, Galaxy Nexus, LG G2
    DroidForums.net Developer
    Quote Originally Posted by Durandgir View Post
    I'm really excited and i've gained more respect for developers i'm trying to learn linux since i've switched it as my main operating system and I thought I knw enough to make a rom but it took forever just to get sdk to work, then I couldn't even download the source!
    If you still need help getting source, I can help you out. :-)
    ! NEW DEVICE ! (as of 01-05-2014)
    LG G2 VS980 (VZW) (32GB)
    Stock VS98012B (rooted)

    Motorola Droid 1

    Steel Droid v12.0 (GB WIP)
    RZ's 2.0.3 Recovery

    Galaxy Nexus (32GB)

    If you like my work, please donate!
  8. Senior Droid
    Sixonefour's Avatar
    Member #
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    Sep 2010
    3 times
    OG Droid
    Great news! Thanks for the dedication, ChevyCam. I would like to see you continue with the ICS theme for the ROM. Its clean and pleasing to the eyes.
  9. Master Droid
    KJW979's Avatar
    Member #
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    Dec 2010
    Western NY
    2 times
    Galaxy Nexus
    Great news. Currently using your latest ROM, problem free and quick. Is it possible with new ROM to get it so able to lock more apps in memory, seems to help at times especially with music to avoid the skips & hesitations.

    Sent from my Droid using DroidForums
    Evolution 3.0 ROM
    ak 532.42 dummy kernel
  10. Senior Droid
    droidaddict101's Avatar
    Member #
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    Oct 2010
    2 times
    Razr Maxx/D1
    Long press back button to kill app option would be cool. Also...don't know if it would be possible to update to some of the newer gapps or not but I love the new gallery.

    Edit: Forgot to say thanks for all you do. SD 9 has been my daily since it came out.
    Last edited by droidaddict101; 01-12-2012 at 12:32 PM.
  11. Master Droid
    Ozzie's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    2 times
    Droid 1
    I am rather fond of the top battery bar...it looks so much cleaner to me.
    Winner put it in his last release, Cush and Liquid have it too, and of course MIUI.

    Whatever you come up with will definitely be appreciated...your roms have always run really well on mine...

    Maybe by the time you really get to working on it, ICS (the OS, not the theme) will be functioning well enough to put your touches on. If not, I've no doubt you'll bring some nice touches to whatever you do.
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