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Thread: sad day for my OG droid...

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    sad day for my OG droid...

    Yes, this was kind of already posted in the "General Discussions"...buuutt....

    I just wanted to share with fellow Sourcery fanatics, that after the trials i went through with my phone spazzing out after calls, it then started doing it after playing "angry birds" ... then it just started doing it at random (today).

    I tried reflashing Sourcery, no luck - still spazzing. I tried Simply Stunning 4.9, no luck - still spazzing, even on the "sign in to your google account" screen. Sooo....to prepare for a visit with VZW (tonight), i managed to flash everything back to stock (thank you jntdroid for a great writeup and zip file).

    I tried signing into my google account after the stock flash, and it was spazzing out, i managed to get it shut down, and it never came back up. After about 20min it just turned itself on. So, i'm sitting on stock, going to see if i can "live" with that. I'm almost hoping it starts spazzing out again so i can return it...but at the same time, as long as it works, i'll be happy...well, content at least. I'm going to miss the awesomeness that is Sourcery (i mean seriously, i have to go back to that drab gray status bar, and non-customizable color schemes)... lol

    It was fun while it lasted - but this had me slightly freaking out, and was a royal pain. Hmmmm.......we'll see....
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