Few more impressions:

I was able to play outside, so the impressions I read earlier about a dim screen were not correct. I simply set the brightness higher in the settings (auto-brightness is always on).

There is a small gap between the top screen and the bottom controller. It's maybe half a millimeter in size. Probably within normal tolerances, but you can see it if you look for it.

The sliding mechanism has a strong spring and is smooth.

Coming from an OG Droid I can use the same usb cables

I tried FPSE and after learning how to save my settings the controls work like a charm.

I think the xperia app store is not fully working yet - I can't find all the games. Also, some devs are creating entirely new apps that add xperia play support, which is BAD I already bought wreckless racers, but to get xperia play support I have to buy the PLAY version. I'm not going to re-buy a game I already have on my phone.

Also, not all of my apps I paid for are coming up in my market. Like I paid for Need for Speed: Shift on my Droid, but it won't find it and says I didn't buy it on the xperia play.