Just these past few months, my phone (which I bought in April), hasn't been charging completely. Sometimes it'll charge to 100%, but mainly it charges only to some percentage (ex: 30% or 70%) and it either says that it has stopped charging or it continues to charge, but the percentage doesn't increase. For instance, yesterday I had my phone charging for the entire day, and it didn't pass 20%. The battery life isn't affected, such as, if it were to charge to 100%, it'll last however long it'll typically last.

I've tried restarting it, and that hasn't done anything. I've let it run completely to zero, and it still doesn't charge past a certain point. Another thing to add, not sure if this is relevant, but sometimes my back speaker doesn't work until I press my phone together, then it'll start playing. Maybe there's a wiring issue, I'm not too sure.

I went to settings, and battery (to view the graph), and when it doesn't charge past a certain point, it'll just plateau at that percentage.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, I'm assuming it'll be best to go to Verizon and replace it?