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Thread: horrible battery life

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    horrible battery life

    I think I have some apps are killing my battery life but I don't know which ones they are. I've checked my running applications and I don't see anything out of the ordinary.
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    Have you tried putting phone on power saver mode and checked under your battery settings to see what is literally sucking the life from your phone? Live wallpapers are really bad if you use them also logging out of apps helps as well turn off email pushes and only refresh when you check them instead one last piece of advice pull your battery out and place it on a flat surface if it rocks side to side or has any gaps or spins like a top that's your problem. When batteries go bad the bad cells swell up just like a bump to the head but are noticed much less. If its swollen you need to replace it and problem should be fixed
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    Its battery timing is different and depend upon usage.. If I just use it for calling and even listening songs. It takes 1.5 day almost to completely utilize the battery.. and if I use the internet then around one day.


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