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Thread: Droid Maxx Not Charging After Jumping in Pool

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    Droid Maxx Not Charging After Jumping in Pool

    I had my Maxx in my shirt pocket a couple days ago and bent over the pool to tighten a plug when I was closing the pool and my Maxx decided it wanted to go for a swim and jumped out of my pocket. I was able to grab the phone out of the pool within a couple seconds as it never even made it to the bottom and shook it real well and dried as best as I could but after about a minute it shut off automatically. After that I now know I did a couple things wrong as I tried to power it back on after a few minutes and it came back on but then froze on the boot and a red led was on the phone for a few minutes. I then let it sit for about an hour and tried turn on but nothing happened so I tried to charge and just had a solid white light on led. I kept it on the charger for a few hours but the phone was not responsive so assumed it was a brick as the solid white light stayed on after removing it from charger. Yesterday morning I looked at the phone again and it is now able to power up however it reboots after about 3 minutes. When I attempt to plug in the charger it shows as being connected but status of the battery is still discharging. When I attempt to plug it in from my computer to charge the computer sort of looks up till I unplug the usb cable. I am thinking the usb connection is bad but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas to try and salvage the phone.
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    Try putting the phone in a ziplock bag filled with rice. Leave it on a sunny windowsill for 24 hours. That will help draw the moisture out of the phone. Worked for my wife's droid inc last year. But, the phone was always quirky, after that.
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    Oka I've worked in cell phones for two years with cdma phones when a phone boots to a nothing but white screen I'm sorry to tell you this but we have a term we use for it "the white screen of death" meaning if it was turned on still wet most likly its gonna have some issues... Even worse having water damaged the phone voids the warranty so if you have to have it replaced you will have to use insurance and pay a deductible... that is if you have insurance. Your best bet is to try.and dry it out and see what happens if it magically comes back to life like my husbands LG phone did years ago from.the washing machine you are very lucky and most likly it will do some weird stuff after


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