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Thread: Help Figuring out Battery Probs w/ Razr MAXX on ICS and 215 update...

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    Quote Originally Posted by thefed17 View Post
    Well, I did the FDR, then a cache clear again. I am not using Juice Defender but Smart Actions to activate Wifi at home and I used the standard battery saver rule.

    I wasnt on the phone much today, so we dont have apples to apples...but

    17 hr 47min on battery, 40% left
    Screen: 3 Hours 2 mins @58%
    Talk Time 33mins - 8%
    Android OS- 16% - 1hr 34min CPU total, 11.5MB Data Sent, 1.29 MB received

    Quite a bit better.

    Am I on par with expected battery life again?
    Do not use Smart Actions to activate Wi-Fi, since Smart Actions needs Wi-Fi in order to determine your location. This means it will not actually turn Wi-Fi on unless you are using another trigger such as time of day/night. Verizon knows this and created Verizon WiFi Auto-on. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...zw.wificonnect

    Once installed, set up home as a Wi-Fi location and it will turn on/off Wi-Fi add you approach /leave your home. Since it's a Verizon app, it uses the cellular towers to pinpoint your location and toggles Wi-Fi accordingly.

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    Well, I'm back to a lousy day today.

    First though - what is smart actions good for...if anything? What doesnt waste more energy than it saves? GPS off when I'm at home, wifi on and data off at home made sense until I realized I can get multimedia msgs (not a big deal, but I do get a lot through work sent to multi-people)....

    Today I made a few changes. I deactivated Smart Actions. I downloaded Ringcentral (I have to use this for work...and it seems to always have a process running in the background), as well as LTE On/Off for Thunderbolt and put it on CDMA or CDMA (auto) a lot of the time to stay on 3g. I made sure that data was not set to global, sync for everything was off, brightness was set at 20%.

    Total time 8 hours 52 mins
    Talk Time 2 Hours 44 mins
    Screen on time 2 hours 12 mins

    20% battery left


    Should I get an autokiller to kill Ringcentral processes? Or...how can I see how much battery its using at a given time? It shows MB next to each item (I use battery mix and always have had that on each step of the way)...is this just cached information, or is it related to battery usage?


    If it IS Ringcentral, how can I use it several times daily then make sure it's dead and doesnt come back thru the day?
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