OK i know this is not for the Droid X but for the past 6 months i been wondering if anybody could answer this

So i have a droid 1 and everything was fine but when day the usb port started to get lose (it was out of Warranty anyways) i tryed to work with it but as days went by charging it just got harder soon the cheap fell out, that's when i got a single battery charger instead of using the port. now a when the battery charged up i put it back in my droid and started it up , everything looked fine but then i got to my lock screen it was OK for a few seconds then it shut down as if the battery has died (witch is hasn't) now i can go and recovery and sit there fine.

1 thought it was a rom issue so i switched (between CM7 and some MIUI version) that didn't seem to change anything
2. I wiped data, still no help

i left it alone for a few months now am wondering if someone knows another idea?