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Thread: Battery Drains Extremely Fast

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    Battery Drains Extremely Fast

    I don't do any battery consuming things, all i do is text really, but sometimes use the browser for like 5 minutes.. It goes dead in about 4 hours, probably less if i was on it constantly. It even drains battery by just being on, as soon as i turn on the screen, the phone rapidly heats up to the point where it gives me a message that the screen is dimmed to prevent burn in, it all happens in about 5-10 minutes.

    When i check what is consuming my battery, it shows the screen takes 80%. Nothing running except the android OS, UI, and some homescreen widgets. I tried turning down brighness and 4g, but it still went from 40% to 10 in about 10-20 minutes.

    This is pretty crazy, i'd expect at least 8 hours on this. Also what is up with the heat? It nearly burns my thumb using it.
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    MGRaiden, Let's get your battery and phone so it is working right. Are you on ICS? Check your phone version by going to settings---> About phone ---> Android Version. If it is 4.04, you are on ICS.

    Bear with me, because there may be a lot of things I will have you do but it will improve your phone dramatically. A few things at a time, though. First we want to cool your phone down and improve battery a little. If you are on ICS, make sure your phone is not set to Global data. Global burns a lot of battery and makes your phone hotter. Go to settings ----> More... (under Data Usage)---->Mobile networks ---Network mode----> select LTE/CDMA.

    Next: Turn off wifi if you are not where you can connect to wifi. If your phone is trying to constantly connect to wifi that is not available or if it constantly searching for wif when there isn't any, then it will use a lot of battery and can make it hot.

    Same goes for data: If you are in a weak 3g/4g area or if no 3g/4g, your phone will use a lot of battery and get hot trying to stay connected or search for a connection. so turn data off unless you need to use it.

    Set a Battery Extender Smart Action: Triggers-Display off, Not charging, and No movement; Actions=GPS off, Background sync off, Wifi off, Cellular Data Disable.

    The above are quick and easy and will help a lot. The last step is a little more involved but if you have not done it yet, it will make a huge huge difference. if you are on ICS, did you do a Factory Data Reset just before you upgraded or since you upgraded?

    Last thing:
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    Moving to the battery sub forum.. turn on your GPS


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