I am new to this forum as well as being new to so-called smart phones. I have two things I would appreciate getting advice on. First, this Stratosphere I bought to replace an old phone that could not be repaired has never displayed a number when someone calls me – even if the call is from someone in my contacts. People at work who have Android phones say that even if the call is from a stranger, at least the number of the person calling is displayed if the name isn’t. I got the hard copy instruction book from Samsung and can’t find any setting I need to change to make the number appear. Everything says “unknown caller” even from one of my contacts.
The other thing I would like help with is finding out how to put saved pictures and photos in separate albums or folders and also naming them. This is another thing I couldn’t find out about in the book. It didn’t even tell how to save pictured from web sites. I discovered by accident how to do it. Maybe it is common knowledge for people familiar with these phones – but I am NOT one of those people! I am an old man with no computer at home and a 33 year old TV! So these modern electronic contraptions are foreign to me! Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!