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Thread: My Stratosphere doesn't want to let me like it..

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    My Stratosphere doesn't want to let me like it..

    Forgive me if there's anything repeat in this post. Am on my second Stratosphere. I WANT to like this phone. Love the email (it actually delivers on time, with push. Even AOL) Love the keyboard. BUT: within the past two weeks, I can count three times I've had issues simply making phone calls. The last two times (On Sunday) I got a recording saying a family member's home phone had been disconnected. When it hadn't been.

    Plus: there's still the issue of my phone losing its data connection. It's random, never know when it will happen. But it occurs when I'm in a good service area. I'm not anywhere near 4G networks, but travel in and around good 3G areas (including having good service @ home.) But there are times (once after ending a phone call, times for no reason, or today after my phone had been sitting there in I guess "sleep" mode. I opened it to check it, and my data signal vanished four a few minutes.

    Verizon tech person said it's normal. To me, it's worrisome.
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    Unfortunately, this is a problem with Verizon. I've had this happen on my Droid 3 too. I got sick of it and was pretty disappointed with the Droid 4's non-removable battery so I bought a Stratosphere (hoping it would resolve this problem). Call in and complain. Have anyone else you know on Verizon call in and complain. For the amount of money we pay, this is totally unacceptable.
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