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Thread: What dialer app are you using?

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    What dialer app are you using?

    After a couple of weeks of trying to like the stock dialer on the Note2 I've decided it's just simplistic. At first I thought maybe too busy but in reality it's just the opposite.
    I've been using the Sense dialer on HTC phones for 3 years and am just so used to the keyboard and recent calls together I'm finding it defaulting to keyboard only to be too frustrating and in call history it's not grouping repeat calls together, the too busy I initially was thinking.
    I've got Rocket Dial on the phone now to try out but am looking for suggestions for others in case that doesn't end up working out.
    What I'm looking for is easy access to the dial keys but with history above and an easy to bring back up keypad while on a call for touch tone password input or the inevitable "press _(fill in blank) for ..." if need be. I want a big send and end key for when my 5 year old calls her mom. She is used to using the call history with her mom's contact photo so if it'll dial straight from there would be even better.
    Dark theme(able) is a must but I really don't care what color the number keys are.
    Ability to set as default would be nice but is not required.
    I don't need or particularly want a ton if options to make a phone call, just dial either from the keypad or call history and possibly like the Sense dialer where you input numbers and it changes them to letters for dialing from contacts instead of going into contacts. Ex if I want to dial my doctor or daughters doctor I just tap the numbers for "dr" and it brings up my "Dr." contacts I have saved.
    Voice dial and I don't get along very well and it actually is very distracting while multi tasking having to repeat my words or watch to make sure it dialed the correct entry.
    Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

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    Take a look at Contacts+

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