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Thread: web viewing

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    web viewing

    Hi i have a samsung note 2 and when go to phones 4 u mobile site with chrome it opens zoomed in and does not let you change this.
    The standard bowser is fine. Both are ok on the full website

    I have got this note 2 from a friend. And before i wiped the phone i check this and it was working fine.

    When i had a samsung s3 it had the problem on both chrome and standard browser.

    So what i getting at is it something to do with my gmail account. I said no to signing into the chrome browser.

    Thanks for any help on this on.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    I'm no longer using the Chrome browser but if I understand your problem you may be wanting the website to display in mobile format rather than desktop format. Under settings in Chrome there is a setting that if I remember correctly says something about requesting desktop mode, if so make certain that boxes unchecked. Or, there may be a box there says something about mobile or phone mode.

    Again, this assumes I understand what the problem is.
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    Thanks for the reply. i am able to request desktop view or mobile view but my problem is the when i go mobile view esp that site it sort of lands at 140% but even then it cant be zoomed in or out.. The settings in chrome are at 100%

    I can wipe the note 2 clean but its always the same. I admit this note is it a massive improvement on the samsung s3.



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