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Thread: For those who think samsung has gone too far

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    For those who think samsung has gone too far

    Well i have news for you, you have not seen anything yet!!

    Looks like oems are going to continue to push and merge the realm of smart phone and tablet. Hauwei 6.1 inch screen


    My Thoughts: Size wise I think the note 2 is about as large as people may be truly willing to go. The note 2, though larger than the original note, went to a slimmer design to still feel like a phone. Before an oem can truly go larger they are going to have to improve the glass design an durability. Being the way to go may be in going more glass and less bezel (ie razr m). LG is learning first hand that the design factor is very important in selling large devices. I do think we will see some bigger devices screen wise but we will get to a point where we will have an all screen phone with a piece of aluminum wrapped around the device. To get there we will need glass technology that can withstand the stresses of heat, cold, torsion, and flexing over a long period of time. As some of the larger panels may be susceptible to stress fractures from daily use (especially from those who use their device naked and carries it in a pocket). How long before we see a nexus phone with a 5-6 inch screen.

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    Re: For those who think samsung has gone too far

    I wanna see them hold that up to their ear lol..

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    Re: For those who think samsung has gone too far

    Screen looks awesome, phone looks like a big rectangle brick.

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    I agree PC747,
    There is a practical limit as far as size goes, and the N2 is just about at that limit. Once it becomes too big to pocket or comfortably holster..needing a purse, briefcase or backpack (like a tablet) then it is no longer a device that is good to use as a primary cell phone and becomes a tiny tablet.
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    I wouldnt mind it if they made it a little bigger. With all the talk about how gigantic the Note II was, I expected it to be bigger than it is when I actually saw it in person. But then I am 6'-4", have large hands and wear loose fitting jeans with big pockets. There are times that I cant tell if the phone is in my pocket and I have to double check. I'm also in the minority of cell phone users. On our families plan where we share 700 minutes, the four of us combined rarely go past 30 minutes a month.
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