Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Android version 4.3 OTA, Bootloader open

When trying to rest the phone it wont properly shut down, and will reboot so that nothing changes. It wont save anything, tried to unistall app, it will crash after that, or while shutting it down, and it wont save anything. It will boot again, and everything will just be as it was before, it simply does not save/change anything anymore.

Even factory reset with the volume buttons in recovery mode wont work, same problem there, wont shut down properly.

Tried to flash and/ or install new factory image with the GalaxyNexusToolkit, but it wont save, or even fail in the process. (ive tried at least 10 times)

Bootloader is open (has been for like half a year now, never had problems before, tried Re-locking it with the GalaxyNexusToolkit, but wont save, i guess, recovery mode does not work properly cause of the open bootloader.

What can i do to completly reset my phone?

Thanks very much in advance for your advice,