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Thread: BOOTLOOPS no matter what

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    BOOTLOOPS no matter what

    So I've been running CM for ever now, and today it just crashed. Would show Google screen then black. Pulled battery and restarted phone. NOTHING. Got home, flashed stock with Wug's toolkit. Now it bootloops infinitely, even after another cache/data wipe. I've tried all builds and no luck, at all.

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    EDIT. It doesn't persay bootloop. It more or less "freezes" for a split second with the lines across the screen then trys again. Heats up really quickly.

    Please help
    DROID definitely DOES

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    I had this problem with mine before. I recovered it using this method (assuming you have the verizon version of the nexus) and make sure you're following the correct set of commands to input: [How-To][VZW] Return to Factory State (Unroot and Relock) - Galaxy Nexus - RootzWiki

    ou can also try this guide if the other one seems a bit confusing: [HOW TO] Return to Stock Using Odin (VZW LTE ONLY)
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