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Thread: What Recourse Do I Have?

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    What Recourse Do I Have?

    Hi all,

    Hoping someone can give me a bit of general advice.

    I purchased my first Galaxy Nexus on launch day. It was a Made in Korea phone. It worked flawlessly for two months until I dropped it, breaking the screen. Oops.
    That was the beginning of the nightmare. I called Asurion and had the phone replaced under insurance. The phone I was sent was a Made in China phone with a defective screen - serious banding and ghosting issues in all light, as well as washed out colors. I called Asurion, who told me to call Verizon. So I did.
    Verizon overnighted me a "Like-new" refurb. The phone was covered in scratches. COVERED. I called Verizon, told them this was unacceptable, and had them send me a new one.
    The second refurb had a shattered camera. I called Verizon, told them this was unacceptable, and had them send me a new one.
    I am now on the third refurb, which is getting progressively worse.

    The phone currently has the following problems:
    Ringtones/notifications don't always play. When Bluetooth is connected, all speaker audio is distorted.
    The phone does not always receive SMS and MMS messages, though it sometimes receives them 4-5 hours after they're sent.
    The camera does not always take pictures. "Camera not connected," it says. I often have to sort of shake the phone to get it to work, and even then there is visible distortion in the photos (more than typical with this phone's camera)
    The phone drops calls constantly (over 50% of the time), and I am unable to leave voicemail messages because the microphone constantly cuts out.
    About three weeks ago, I started getting frequent service outages. As of yesterday afternoon, the phone flat-out does not get 4G service, anywhere I go.
    On the extended battery, provided I have 4g radio turned on, the battery life has decreased to approximately 4 hours at idle. No programs are running during this time.
    The battery cover does not fit - factory nor extended.

    I'm unlocked, rooted, using stock 4.0.4.

    Verizon has patently refused numerous times to give me a new phone - the most they were willing to offer me was a refurbished Rezound, which I would have to pay for and which I have no interest in.

    Is there anything I can do, short of following up with the FCC complaint I filed weeks ago?

    I don't ask for much.
    I just want my phone to work as advertised - as well as my original phone did.

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