Hi All,

Need urgent help in resetting/recovering my google nexus device which is stuck Google Screen.

Device Details: GSM Galaxy nexus with OS 4.0.4

What I did to screw the Device
With limited/no knowledge on the rooting I started to Upgrade the ICS version to Jelly Bean
I got rooted to the Device following the instructions in [Guide][Mac][Toro][Maguro]How to Root Galaxy Nexus LTE and GSM on a mac - xda-developers
Now comes the biggest blunder/foolish thing I did, Without downloading the new 4.1 ROM, I cleared/wiped all the factory reset details etc mentioned in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Now Available for Rooted Galaxy Nexus
Now when I start the device it is stuck in Good Screen. I cannot recover the device as I wiped all the data.

Is there any way we can recover this device. Any help much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.