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Thread: Crack GNEX Screen

  1. Droid
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    Crack GNEX Screen

    I hate Samsung for not utilizing Gorilla Glass on the GNEX. I have been very lucky since getting the phone, dropping it many of times. I have had some serious drops with no scratches or breaks. But Sunday I dropped it, face done, from a sitting position. I Didn't think it was serious, but cracked the upper right corner of the glass. Looks like it hit a pebble when it landed. Can this be replaced? Is there a thread or website that I can follow?
  3. Droid Newbie
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    Good grief, man! Maybe if you drop it so much a skin and case should have been a must get.
    As for replacing it, I can only imagine that if it's under warranty or you will have to pay for a replacement. Believe it or not, gorilla glass is overrated, and has been show to be hit or miss at times. A solid armor with a good "lip" that keeps the screen from being totally flush with the protector can do wonders though (again, with a skin as well).

    Sorry about the busted screen. It's not even my phone but reading about that hurt my feelings.
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    of the Day.^^
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    I recently dropped my GNex with similar results and cracked the screen bad enough the touch function didn't work any more. I ended up sending it back to Samsung and about $150, and 2 weeks later, it came back looking like new again. Unfortunately for some reason they wiped it back to stock and unlocked the bootloader (!?!?!) I sent it in to them 100% stock locked/unrooted but got it back unlocked and wiped. If you send it back be sure to copy off all of your pics, data, etc... before sending it in.
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    The glass Samsung uses for the Nexus is not so far off from the "almighty" Gorilla Glass. Fact is, Gorilla Glass can crack as easily as well, the phone just has to hit the right spot. You can't really get upset about Samsung's choice in glass if you have dropped it multiple times like you said.

    As IceHearted said, get some protection man . Especially if you've dropped it multiple times, a nice case (I highly recommend Otterbox if you've dropped it multiple times already) will surely protect your phone.


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