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Thread: Best keyboard apps.....

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    Best keyboard apps.....

    What keyboard apps do you guys use, and why do you like it over others/stock.

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    I use Better Keyboard 8. I like the skins and customization options. You can change the size of the keys, the potitions of SOME keys, turn on/off suggestions, change suggestion colors, change key colors, etc. You can change the colors to match your themes.

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    There are many different kinds of keyboards, out there. There are your typical tapping keyboards, there are some that are super at predictions, there are some where you slide your finger around, there are some that almost reinvent the entire keyboard. You should try out some that you find interesting, most have a trial version for free. Try one out for a few days, if you don't like it ditch it and move on.

    Since I have gotten my Nexus, I have used thumb keyboard for the most part. I like that it has the option to have 2 different keyboard layouts depending on if you put it in landscape and portrait. In portrait I have it set up pretty close to stock, but in landscape, it is in a tablet layout. This gives me a dedicated number pad, which makes typing numbers and letters together less of a chore.

    Prediction - Swiftkey is great at prediction, and actually since they recently released an update I am about to try Swiftkey out again. I used this one the most on my OG Droid, even with the physical keyboard (the prediction was able to work with the physical keyboard). It is excellent at predictions, I almost got to the point where I could type 1 or 2 letters and have a prediction pop up, sometimes it would guess without me having to even type anything. AI Type is another good one here, but to be perfectly honest I haven't gotten around to trying AI Type. It is highly rated, and has some fans.

    Sliders/swipers - Honestly I am not a big fan of swiping. Swype is quite popular though, and I understand why, it just never caught on for me. Note Swype isn't in the market, you have to go to their website and sign up for the beta, but it is free to do so. SlideIt is an alternative to Swype, very similar in concept though.
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    I am on the updated Swiftkey 3 and its great. Great predictions and allows up to 3 languages at the same time, all you do is swipe the space button and you get another language and predictions and since i text and email in 2 languages it works great for me... Best of all are the predictions though..
  5. Master Droid
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    Nothing even comes close to swiftkey 3. It has th emost accurate prediction engine ever
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    I used Smarter the whole time I had my OG Droid, but when I got my Nexus I switched to AI Type and will be sticking with it for a long time. There are a bunch of ways to customize it and add shortcuts, it makes typing pretty easy.
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    I'm looking for a keyboard with good prediction, swipe features, and good voice input. I really like(d) FlexT9 but it seems to have disappeared from being downloadable, and it suddenly crashes every other (literally) voice input. But the feature I really love is the ability to turn of end-of-speech detection so I can dictate several sentences, with pauses, at a time. Does anyone know of one that does all that?


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