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Thread: Interesting chat with Verizon tech, about 3G/4G issues and 4.0.4.

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    Agree with the previous post. 4.04 makes the transition from 3G to 4G and back seamless and almost instantaneous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fightnfire View Post
    This is the best and most in depth conversation I've ever had with a Verizon tech supervisor.

    First, the problems I've been having:

    When set to LTE/CDMA, in a full 4G area, my phone will average 20-25% of the on battery time with no cell service. Regularly I'll have 2 or 3 4G bars showing blue, but when I go to make a call or send a text it dumps the service and takes 1-3 minutes to regain 4G. I have an app, Elixir 2, that actually shows signal strength to the tower as a %. It shows 0 well before the 4G bars realize the signal is gone. When set to 4G, the constant searching uses 30% of my battery and overtakes the Android OS for #1 on battery burn.

    If I put my phone in CDMA only, I never lose service. I've gone two full days on battery, 13hrs + each with a charge in between and not one time lost 3G. It shows 0% time without service.

    I was unlocked and rooted using Wug's method.

    The Verizon tech supervisor, after a few transfers, had what I felt was a very honest conversation with me. "We know the Nexus owners are experiencing 3G-4G handoff issues and 4G issues in full coverage areas. The OTA due soon is going to help remedy this." She then checked to see if it was available to push to me, it wasn't. She assured me it would be coming out in the last week of Febraury or First week of March. she also told me it wasn't a specific phone issue and my phone checked out and passed all of her tests. She did however say that she would wave any re-stock fee or associated fees if I wanted to return for any other phone, or I could get another Nexus.

    She also told me that the second I see anyone online saying they got the official OTA to call back, reference my account notes and that she, or another supervisor, could push it to my phone immediately. This is why she checked the status of the OTA, if it was available anywhere in the country she could have pushed it to me.

    She also told me I could install a leaked version from a reputable site but that part of the reason the OTA hasn't been released is that they were still tweaking the radios as of two weeks ago. So, the leaked versions may not have the most up to date radios.


    btw, I love this phone and won't be trading for anything else. I have until Thur next week to trade it in on another Nexus, I may do that just to be safe. I am now un-rooted and re-locked waiting for the OTA.
    I'm going to try and be as polite about this as possible. Here is the reality of the situation. That supervisor may have an email in their inbox that gives a somewhat specific time period of a certain month for it to be released. That time period is subject to change, and likely will. They will know for sure when the update has already went live, and is rolling out to customers. As far as a supervisor or any rep within Verizon Wireless having the ability to somehow push the update to you once it's started rolling out. Really?? You believe that? How do you propose that is going to happen? I'm sorry to say this but outside of the fact that they are aware of the issues, everything else was likely a total lie.

    I've worked in call centers essentially my entire professional career for ISP support. I now work for "Ma Bell", that is specific as I will be. Things that you described simply don't happen at a company as large as Verizon Wireless. Where I work inbound reps have no idea of a definitive update until it's already started.
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