After disabling touch sounds, the phone still made the click before and after playing ANY audio. So between that and the signal issues, I decided to bring the phone back and trade for a Rezound. Big mistake, one that eventually cost me $70 (two $35 restocking fees, which I'm going to try to get refunded). Despite the fact that the reps at the service counter acknowledged that the signal level I was getting with my Nexus was less than what i was getting with my T-bolt, they said I'd have to pay a restocking fee to get the Rezound, so I said OK. Went through the whole process of getting it activated, and then went to my car. My wife called and CLICK/POP!! Talked to her for a bit, then after I hung up, CLICK/POP. I can safely say the Rezound has this issue WORSE than the Nexus and WORSE than the DX2 I had. The issue was totally absent from my T-bolt.

So I got a service rep out to the car and he heard the issue. We even tried his own personal Rezound and it had the same issue -- a POP just as the audio channel opened up, and then as soon as you stopped the audio (say, a music track), three seconds later there would be another POP. I asked if I could just get my Nexus back and the manager said no. They'd have to give me another, and charge another $35 restocking fee even though these phones had a defect. She tried to say it was my car that was causing the issue. I should just never go to a walk-in center again. it's always a disaster and they do everything they can just to get me out of there either spending more money, or with the issue I still have.

Meanwhile, some guy was in there irate about how he had called for a black iPhone and they had sold it on him before he got into the store. He was yelling and turning red, and they gave him two $50 credits and offered to go to another store for him to pick up one in stock. I guess you have to be mean and yell to get any justice from Verizon.

Oh yeah, and my brand new Nexus? Has the SAME clicking. Exactly the same as my old one. It's better than the Rezound... MUCH better... But the exact same issue as the Nexus. I don't know what HTC did differently from the TBolt to the Rezound to make such a difference, but it's too bad. I liked the Rezound for the ten minutes I had it.